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Android APP To Track Progress

App to list your goals like reading, eating healthy, doing homework, exercising, spending, listing daily routines, listing daily/weekly/monthly tasks, setting reminders. Have progress bars for each goal, like reading time is 6 pm to 8 pm. You spent those two hours on reading and when you mark that you read those two hours, it shows 100%. Thus this progress can be extended into daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. Set reminders on appointments, activities, and have a calendar to…
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Android Development

I want someone to. Build a customised freelancing application and website at minimum wage and of good quality to bring freelancer and clients together on one platform
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Android Developper

I Only Develop non complicated Android Apps and Prototypes for your projects and college home works . Front End design of Android Apps also . than you .
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Android Finishing Touches On Mobile App

We have a working dating app done. Let's be honest, it's similar to the two leaders in teh dating space with some key changes (already done). The issues we have are randomization of incoming potential match cards and pushing MySQL record user settings into the profile. We ARE NOT asking for someone to roll new code, it is already 90% done we just need the finishing touches. Not looking for designers or UX/UI visual people. Stack is Amazon Web Services,…
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App Developer (Android Studio)

looking for a highly skilled and talented App Developer(Android Studio) for Custom Applications and many more projects Contact
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App Developer Needed

I have an app idea and I believe it will be successful. I need someone who can make my idea a reality. Payment can be discussed…
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App Development

Good day developers! ONDGS is looking for passionate developers who are not only proud of what they do, but proud of the work they produce. While it is not a requirement to have an impressive portfolio, it would be pleasing to know some of your work! The current project is of the following: A number/word recognition app scanned off an image or piece of paper, verify against either a database, or a website, and presents, reliably accurate, true/false, or other…
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App Similar To TikTok

Hello.. Kindly read the description carefully and then bid on it. This Platform has to be developed on 3 phases. Phase 1 :- Android App Phase 2 :- iOs App Phase 3 :- Web App Technologies for Entire Application Include :- 1. Node.js 2. Javascript 3. Django 4. HTML 5. Mongo 6. REDIS 7. Elastisearch 8. Java 9. SWIFT 10. AMQT & MQTT 11. WebRTC 12. Micro Service Architecture 13. Docker 14. Mailgun for Mails 15. Any other if required…
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Auto-follow Software For VSCO

I’m looking for someone to build an automation software for VSCO (a social media and photo-sharing app). The software would automatically follow accounts listed under “suggested” on the app (people the app suggests you follow). Preferably, it would also have the ability to automatically send a message to anyone who follows back. For reference, similar software exists for Instagram that automatically follows users: . I’m looking for auto-follow software for VSCO. This could come in the form of an…
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Build An Android & IOS Short Video Social Media App With Admin Panels

We’re looking for a team to build us an Android and iOS app with admin panels, the app is a simple short-videos social media app where the users talk about a topic (we’re currently working on this algorithm) that is pushed by the admin (autopushed\manually pushed). We have the detailed user requirement ready, and will provide it on finalizing the price and starting the project. The app is expected to have · Account creation and Login page · User profile…
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Development Of An Android App

Decathlon is one of the world’s largest sporting goods designer, manufacturer, and retailer, with more than 1500 stores in 50 countries. Retail will change more in the next five years than it has in the past fifty. For this reason alone, retail is one of the most interesting and challenging industries to be a part of. In Decathlon Czech Republic, we have a real aim to be actors of this change, and not just following it :) To achieve this…
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Experienced Web & Mobile Apps Full Stack Project Manager

Looking for a Ukrainian Experienced Developer to work as a project manager for our project (web & Mobile app). You will be working 6-10 hours per week for the next three months, overseeing the development progress and performance of our development team in Ukraine (our project is being outsourced to a development company in Ukraine). You will be responsible to review their progress, discuss issues and report to us the progress and recommendations until we ship the product.
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Features Development In Swift For IPad App

I have a iPadOS app that uses SwiftUI. It has all the views created and design, but there is no functionality. The documentation is mostly made of User Stories and some comments explaining how thing should work. The requirements are: * Know Swift * Comment the code and create documentation when necessary so future developers can easily understand the project * Create the necessary code tests to make a great quality code * Ask if something is unclear * Define…
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Firebase / Android Dev Needed

Hi I need someone who knows Android and Firebase development for half a day to a day, just to tweak something.
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Full Stack And Mobile Developer (React/Node/Postgres)

A funded FinTech start-up looking for experienced developers. We are looking for an experienced full stack developer who uses open source languages/tools (i.e. React, React Native, Node.js, and Postgres DB) and has experience in the financial (FinTech) space. We are using an Agile methodology to lay out epics and stories in a priority backlog to drive work. We have a UX/UI designer who has created a collection of wireframes for traditional web/desktop pages as well as mobile pages. Both desktop…
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